Digitisation done right

I just need to share/brag, one of the coolest projects at my home University (Würzburg): Libri Sancti Kiliani digital which is the result of the digitisation of 214 manuscripts that were part of the Cathedral’s Library.

First of all. You have to love the opportunity of picking the texts from the bookshelve and getting access to the digital edition by just clicking zur Handschrift whenever you’re interested in one

Virtuelles Buchregal

Second. You get the right context at a glance by looking at the time/place map of the publishing years/places of all  manuscripts.


Third. You can actually find content you’re interested in by a) looking at the index or searching full-text!!!

Fourth. They even took care of fancy details: you want to know how large is that nice decoration on the side? Click the magnifying glass icon and you’ll get a bunch of options such as adding a little ruler (Maßband) with the colour of your preference to measure any part of the document.


Fifth awesomeness point (for editors) they did a wiki-like environment to see who has done the latest changes.

Oh, five is such a nice number but I can’t leave this one out: I have no idea how they did this but WOW [click on it, it’s wonderful]

Ach! I almost forgot. I wouldn’t have learned any of this, if it wasn’t because José Calvo (@eumanismo) was using the #philtag hashtag properly and shared everything he learned at the conference 🙂

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